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I was raised on a farm in Cedar County in the 70’s where I would help my dad with carpentry, after we moved into town My dad and myself remodeled and added onto there house.  This was the beginning; I got the urge to do more.  I later bought my first house which was a run-down house no one wanted.  I took that house and turned it into a goldmine.


After moving to Cedar Rapids in the early 90’s, I took my skills to a new adventure and flipped my second home.  This enabled me to buy our present home which with my husbands’ talent of matching colors and envisioning what something could look like we now have our dream house.

With the recession of 2020, and restructuring of my employer, I was forced to take early retirement.  This gave me the opportunity to start my own handyman business with my Husband by my side, hints the name of the company E&E Services.

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