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Are you looking for a handy man to do the honey do list, or are you looking to spruce up a room and do not know where to start?  What about the outside, have you looked from the curb to your house?  What would you like to do?  Feel free to check out the photos, we will be updating them periodicity, to showcase what possibilities you can vision in your own home or office.


Bathrooms are the most used rooms in the house, by simple facelift to total remodels can impress even the pickiest family member, not to mention the value it will add to your house. 


Do you Live in an older home that needs TLC not sure where to start?  Are you looking for that small change to a room?  Are you looking for a little landscaping to bring your house to life?  Do you have window screens that need to be replaced? Just a small sample to get the ball rolling.


Doors are the pathway to your castle, wither interior, or exterior. Either a facelift or replacement can add charm to any room.  


Are you looking to upgrade your lighting, do you have a dim light room?  With today’s technology and LED lighting you can add more lighting and save on your electric bill at the same time.  Some LED models you never have to replace a light bulb again.


With any facelift of a room, the flooring is one that has many options, from new carpet, laminate, tile. We can show you many options that are available.

Kitchens are the most expensive room to remodel, but this can be done on a budget.  Sometimes a simple facelift like new paint, new backsplash, painting cupboard doors.   

Have you ever looked through a home magazine and wished you had something like that?  With a fresh coat of paint, new window covering can bring a room to life.  With my husband’s talent for matching colors and trends can bring your dream to life.

Windows and doors are a heat loss over time, by upgrading from a conventional window to a new style not only saves money but some option allow tilt in for easy cleaning.  Screen replacement are available, in some cases pickup and delivery are available.

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